The UpriseDesk height and width adjustable desk is one of the newest and most feature rich desk to hit the US market place in some time.

There are numerous reasons why we really like the UpriseDesk. First & foremost the price of this base is advertised on a few websites for $599.00. This desk offers feature sets of those starting at $1,000.00+ base. When we first reviewed this desk, we had just come back from visiting a sizeable Fortune 100 corporation that had deployed a large number of conventional height adjustable desks from an established ergonomic furniture brand. Some of the feedback was that the desks were loud and distracting when their neighbors (most in cubicles) were raising and lowering their desks. Upon our return from the meeting we were very anxious to assemble the UpriseDesk to see if it would be similar to the desk referenced above. We were incredibly impressed with how quiet the operation of this desk. We used our “Decibel 10th” app to check the decibel range of this desk while in movement; it ranged from 39db to 40db which is amazingly low. As more companies are adapting sit to stand it is very important to consider the individuals in cubicles. They need to have movement throughout the day. They will not use the desk if it is loud and bothersome.

P1030227 (3)-Gray BGOther features that stood out; it’s travel speed of 1.7” per second is faster than the Workrite Sierra HX and as fast as the Series 7 desk by Steelcase. The 3-stage lifting columns offer terrific travel distance from 24” to 50.75” high. If you use a standard 1.25” thick laminate table top it will bring the work surface up to 52” which one of the highest of any height adjustable desk. That being said we also have had a number of tall users complain that a height adjustable desks rock a lot when the desk is positioned at their highest settings. The UpriseDesk is incredibly sturdy. We tested by typing and even leaning against this desk, it had very little give. This is very impressive, for a desk without a lower connecting crossbar supporting the desk at its first stroke.

The UpriseDesk crossbar runs along the top of the base which offers additional support to the table top and adjusts from 44.5” to 74” wide. A number of desks have begun to support the base this way, so that one base can acclimated to fit numerous table top lengths. This adjustable base is ideal for either a corporation that may have a number of different work environments including a large offices, small cubes or collaborative nesting pods. The only issue with the crossbeam is that it can interfere with a keyboard tray system. That being said, there are solutions to this problem. You can either use a short track of 11” to 12” long. You can also use two block spacers that will keep your track flush with the desk top.

Additional features of the Uprise Desk worth noting are that the lifting load rating for each column is 800 Newtons which translates to 180lbs per leg. This being said we tested this base at over 400lbs and it operated perfectly.

The Uprise Desk comes with either the standard up/down controller or a three position LED controller, which is ideal if you add a treadmill or recumbent bike to the desk.

Cost & Availability: $599.00 Base & Base with Work-surface Starts at $779.00 Ergoprise.com

• Telescopes from 44.5” to 74” which accommodates desk tops from 46” to 80” plus wide
• Raises/Lowers at 1.7” per sec.
• 3 stroke lifting column raises & lowers from 24” to 50.75” high
• 360 lbs lifting load max
• 0.06 W Power consumption in standby mode
• 39db level (similar to a silent room)
• Control Box: maximum output: 29V DC, 10.0A
• Anti-collision feature
• Frame Finishes: black, silver & white
• 5 year warranty
• 3 position LED pre-set controller (upgrade option)

Pros: The UpriseDesk is without question the most enhancement rich desk base we’ve seen at the modest price starting at $599.00.

Cons: As mentioned the only con we could find is that the telescoping crossbeam can interfere with a long keyboard tray system track. That being said, they have a number of options to overcome this situation.