S2S Sit Stand Workstation

Welcome to Sit-Stand 3.0 

I remember the first ErgoExpo (NECE back then) I attended back in 1999. There were three vendors Sonoma%20Premium_400presenting height adjustable desks and actuators (Linak, SIS and Steelcase). the following year, we had new players including Mayline, and Workrite. This coming show, I expect that every vendor will have some type of sit-stand solution in their booth.

Years ago having facilities transform their current contract furniture into height adjustable workstations was incredibly cost prohibitive. Then came Sit-Stand 2.0 a less expensive two and three leg solution spearheaded by a company called Conset and replicated by many more. Now there where companies like eBay and Google and many more that standardized on a sub $750.00 electric sit stand desk.

1086__04403.1414657538.500.750At the same time there were a number of organizations that wanted their employees to have the option to sit and stand throughout their day, but did not want to replace their current contract furniture. Ergotron was the first to market with their on desk Workfit-S sit-stand workstation. Fantastic idea, but fell short in the quality department and it clamped to the front of the desk which took up too much work-surface space.

Forget the Goldrush of 1849, it’s Sit-Stand Rush of 2016. After Ergotron developed the Workfit-A to counteract the work-surface issue the Workfit-S caused, the flood gates opened with one deciding to market to the masses including the home office user.  The only issue, for someone like me that believes in workplace ergonomics, It was the least ergonomic solution, the Varidesk that was doing the mass marketing. The ironic thing is that you could see the issues in their ads. Any of these desk risers that does not allow you to type in a natural position while seated is not worth the investment. That being said if you have to have that Varidesk, then may we suggest you get a second keyboard tray and a monitor arm.

We are happy to see in 2016, that there is a solution that retrofits current contract furniture without taking up space and best of all meeting the ANSI/BIFMA & HFES standards. 7

Meet the S2S Sit Stand Workstation. This is the ideal sit stand solution that allows almost everyone the opportunity to ergonomically sit and stand. This was a very well thought out solution. The double extension keyboard tray system allows a person to type 7.31″ below the work-surface which allows a person that is 5′ tall the opportunity to ergonomically sit and stand. with a standard 29″ high table workstation, the keyboard tray rises to 51″ tall so that a person 6’5″ can also type ergonomically. That is a fantastic feature, but wait! There’s more (sorry, I could not help myself).



  • With over 22” of gas assisted positioning, the S2S moves easily and effortlessly as users transition from seated to standing positions. Accommodates users ranging from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male.
  • The S2S cleverly mounts at the rear of the work surface and extends forward so the keyboard tray 15may rest below the desk surface supporting proper ergonomic positioning. Using this location for mounting allows the user to swing the unit out of the way leaving the desk surface fully accessible.
  • Comes with 9.5” of counter balanced height adjustment, 45° of tilt, and 90° of portrait to landscape rotation, monitors may be ergonomically positioned for optimal viewing.
  • The S2S accommodates installed technology ranging from 5 to 25 lbs, specifically supporting LCD screens that weigh between 5-20 lbs.
  • The grommet mount included with the S2S Workstation promotes endless possibilities for mounting locations, through the installation of a 5/8” mounting hole. The c-clamp mount that is also included allows the dual directional base to be installed on either 24” or 30” deep work surfaces.
  • The integral dual tray system offers a spacious keyboard and mouse platform with an adjustable tilt mechanism for comfort settings, as well as a secondary surface for placing items which need to remain close at hand while working in either a seated or standing position.
  • Information sharing is seamless as the monitor tower rotates independently from the work surface through 180° left and right range.
  • Tested to 20,000 cycles (with the exception of the monitor tower which is supported up to 10,000 cycles) and comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Available in White, Black or Silver
  • LEED Credit Ratings – MR Credit 4.1 (Required Recycled Content, 10%) MR Credit 4.2 (Required Recycled Content, 20%)
  • LEED Recyclability Calculations – Total Weight 36.04 lbs (Recycled Content Total 19.6 lbs, Post Industrial Total 11.6 lbs, Post Consumer 7.97 lbs).

dual armS2S Sit Stand Workstation Benefits:

  • The sturdiest sit-stand arm solution we have seen in the market, period. It is made with heavy duty aluminum. Does not bounce like most of the others.
  • Because it clamps to either the back of your work-surface, or can be put through a grommet or small hole, allows you to fold up the keyboard tray and push it away from your work space.
  • If you are having a meeting at your desk, you can independently swivel your LCD panel 180 degrees in either direction. Ideal for colleague collaboration.
  • The 28″ wide keyboard tray offers 19 inches of tilt. We are not a big fan of positive tilt, but you can set your keyboard tray anywhere from +4/-15 degrees.
  • We also love the second 28″ wide shelf. I keep my papers, coffee and phone on it. You can also put your laptop or laptop and docking station on this shelf, as long as it does not surpass the 25lb max weight limit.

All-in-all we love this solution and for it’s stability & that it meets ANSI/BIFMA & HFES standards.


Best Price Single Monitor: $489.99 Ergoprise.com

Best Price Dual Monitor: $589.99 Ergoprise.com

The S2S Workstation can also be purchased at: S2SDesks.comTigerDirect.comMacMall.com