Side-by-Side Workstation Comparison

There are so many new, as well as older adjustable workstations for corporations to choose from when retrofitting their current office workstations.

We have decided to choose a few well known workstations as well as some newer solutions. We’ve decided to do a side-by-side comparison of Ergotron’s Workfit-A, Workfit-S, Innovative Office Supplies Winston, Humanscales’ new QuickStand & Quickstand Lite, Ergoprises’ S2S Workstation and Varidesks’ Pro Plus 36.

The criteria for the comparison is as follows:

  • Arm Height Adjustment Range
  • Independent LCD Adjustment
  • Independent Keyboard Tray Height Adjustment
  • Keyboard Tray Positions Below the Desk Surface
  • Meets HFES 100-2007
  • Meets BIFMA GI-2013
  • Location of Mounting – Front/Rear Desk Surface
  • Unit Swings Away Freeing Desk Space
  • Total Weight Capacity
  • LCD Weight Capacity
  • Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Tilt
  • Dimensions of the Keyboard Tray
  • Dimensions of the Platform Tray
  • LCD Quick Connect/Release Plate
  • LCD Tilt (Away From/Towards User)
  • LCD Pans/Swivels to Left/Right
  • LCD Independently Pans/Swivels from Keyboard
  • LCD Portrait to Landscape Rotation
  • Desk Mounting Options Provided
  • Clamp Dimensions
  • Color Options
  • Lifting Mechanism
  • Cycle Tested
  • Warranty

We highlighted in green which solutions stood out in the comparison. One of the functionalities you really need to be cognisant of keyboard tray being in your ideal seated and standing height. We are reviewing seven workstations and four of them do not position below the desk worksurface (QuickStand, QuickStand Lite & Varidesk Pro Plus 36). If you have a desk that is 28″ tall, you should be around 6′ tall for ideal ergonomic typing. This is why if you are not this tall you should look at a solution that keyboard tray extends below the worksurface (S2S Workstation, Workfit-A and Workfit-S).

Workstation Side-by-Side Comparison 


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