Conset Height Adjustable Desk Line Review

Conset Desk Line Review

ConSet was founded in a basement in Skjern, Denmark. Their goal was to offer an ergonomic desk that most anyone could afford.  As we look at a number of the large standing desk manufacturers we are grateful that ConSet led the competitive price revolution.  We are starting to see more quality desk lines that are aggressively priced like the S2S Desks and GeekDesks.

ConSet offers a large variety of electric height adjustable desks and bases to meet the needs of most corporations including modular frames which is ideal for worker collaboration or home office sit stand desk needs.

ConSet has a number of online retailers that you can source their complete desk line. The only issue is that it seems each of the top ergonomic resellers has renamed the desk line which can be incredibly frustrating. Our goal is to discuss each of the models, the benefits, best pricing and who carries it under which name brand name.  Pricing may change on any of the retailers’ site, the ones stated for this article we as of 6/30/2013.


Best Priced Single Leg Desk: Conset 501-7

Conset DeskFlexibility, function and the absolute lowest price in the industry. This desk is ideal for arranging in groups for a collaborative work environment or a standalone desk. It comes in silver or black, two locking casters as a standard, 154 lb. lifting capacity, raises from 26” to 46.5” and lifts and lowe4s at 1” per second.

Best ConSet 501-7 Price:  Ergoprise 501-7





conset_Desk501-25 sets a new norm for electric height adjustable desks. This superbly designed table frame is a stable and practical table that meets the essential needs. Max load on frame is 176lbs. however with sturdy rigidity designed into the construction, creating it conjointly ideal for L shape tops up to 47” deep. The narrow width makes this table excellent for smaller to medium size work stations. Frame height ranges from 26″ to 45 11/16″

  • Simple design
  • Available in 4 widths: 32 7/8″ – 50 7/8″ – 56 11/16″ – 59 7/8″

Best ConSet 501-25 Price: Ergoprise


ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Compliant 501-27 Desk                                                                      student desk

The 501-27 is perfect as a cubicle or free standing desk application. This desk exceeds the ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Human Factors Engineering of Computer Workstations Guidelines. This guideline states that the optimum adjustment range for height adjustable desks should accommodate individuals from the 5th to 95th percentile by having the worksurface adjust from 22” to 46.4” The ConSet 501-27 Desk base with a 1” table top offers a 22” to 48” of adjustment.  This adjustable height standing desk offers 275lbs lifting capacity as well.

Even thought the prices are all very competitive Ergoprise still offers the best price: Ergoprise


Extended Height Range ConSet 501-29 Dual Leg Desk

conset desk affordableThe 501-29 is ideal for taller individuals and tall persons using the desk with a treadmill, such as one from Lifespan Fitness. At its fully extended height it measures 52 inches. This desk is extremely strong and stable and offers a 275 lb lifting capability.

Once again Ergoprise offers the best price: Ergoprise



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